Contact & Custom Stein Info

If you have questions about custom and personalized orders,
please contact Dean below but here are a few answers. 

We can etch your custom text on a stein and/or we can etch a logo, digital artwork to create a custom stein  

If you need 1 stein, 1 time:
For instance,a Special Occasion...Birthday, Anniversary, etc. OR
Maybe a Gift to show Gratitude, Honor, Commemoration.....a Business Award or Recognition with Logo,Text and Recipient's Name

If you need more than 1 stein, 1 time:
Wedding: Groomsman Gifts, Bridesmaid Gifts, etc. OR
A Gift to show Gratitude, Honor, Commemoration....a Business Award or Recognition with Logo,Text and each stein has a different Personalized Name

If you need more than 1 stein, more than 1 time:
Club or Group Gifts....a club or group that adds new members on whatever frequency. Once a month, Once a year. Doesn't matter to us.

An ongoing Gift to show Gratitude, Honor, Commemoration....I have a few customers that give a custom stein for each retirement or to honor a milestone or anniversary at work, 5 yrs of working, 10 yrs, etc.

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