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Bowling Beer Stein Made in Germany

Bowling Beer Stein Made in Germany

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This stein is one of a kind and from a German stein supplier that we bought out at the end of 2019. This stein is manufactured by Marzi & Remy who went out of business in 1994

This fully decorated stein features a scene of a group of men outdoors drinking and lawn bowling which is what indoor bowling evolved from, so this is the original bowling

The two side panels combine to form the German phrase “Im Leben wie im Kegelspiel, halt stets im Aug das rechte Ziel" which translates to (In life as in bowling, always keep your eye on the right objective.)

The lid of this stein is ornate decorated pewter with a pewter thumblift.

Height: 8.5 inches Holds: 22 ounces
Made in Germany

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